Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Quads. They're Kind of a Big Deal. And Crossfit

Pardon me if I butcher the lingo, but I maxed out my 1 rep front squat today at 135lbs! I really don't know if thats my "PR" since I cant remember what my 1 rep max was the first time I did it but I'm assuming so. I also guess it's kind of a big deal to be able to front squat as much as you weigh. I weigh in at 135lbs, 17% body fat. I didn't think it was very much till I had to squat it. Holy moly! If that's how to impress at CF I'm definitely losing weight!

I currently weigh 10lbs more than I did last season, I'm sure as the intensity builds and the strength training fizzles out of my regular training I will lose some of the weight but I'm honeslty happy with my body even with the added muscle weight. The only thing that fits me differently, well the same just tighter, is my jeans. They've always been huge in the waist and tight in my thighs. It's extreme now! I'm not called "Quadzilla" for nothin. Weight is just a number. There is a huge difference between 135 with 17% body fat and 135 with 35% body fat.

Triathletes are extremely opinionated about Crossfit and what's to much. I rarely RX my workouts and don't do it to compete. I'm wise in my training, except the time I was the only girl at the nooner and decided to RX and attempt to beat the boys WOD. That was stupid.

Between crossfit and swimming all strokes in the pool instead of just free has really improved my swim times. I swam my 1500m in 20:40! That's 4:20 off my fastest 1500. On top of that I'm finally get a lil 6 pack, like in the morning when I'm dehydrated from sleeping and have an empty stomach. After 4 kids I thought I'd never have a 6 pack, not cause I didn't eat healthy or was lazy. Clearly I work my butt off but because I had a diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the belly area. In other words my 4 beautiful children ruined my body from the inside out by ripping my abdominal muscles apart. Cute little monsters they are.

So my swim as baller, my abs are healed and best of all, it's like an hour of kegels, your squeezing things you didn't know you had. When I walked into crossfit today the board said we were doing 50 jumping jacks as part of the warm up I thought "oh shit, where's the adult diapers." My kids also ruined my bladder which comes in handy at times, like racing when I need to pee and can just let it go without any problems on my bike or running...or in transition...or in my wetsuit or in the pool (you all do it too) I've got no issues. But peeing myself doing jumping jacks with crossfit athletes who don't give themselves a daily golden shower just wouldn't understand. we go...I didn't pee myself!

So, Mommas, crossfit isn't just about lifting heavy weights and " beast modes," which p.s. my "best mode" is on all the time, you should see me putting on kids seat belts and wiping runny noses. It's impressive. It's about fixing your abdominal wall without surgery and kegels, which your significant others will thank you for too. Seriously has not only done UH-mazing things for my exterior but has also righted some wrongs on my interior-er.

If not peeing yourself when you sneeze ain't motivation enough for you then how about this.

Today, I didn't think I could front squat my body weight. I picked up the bar and got it on my chest(?) or shelf(?) or lack there of, i was shaking, my dainty little wrists hurt and I was nervous. After some peer pressure and my kids watching I put my big girl panties on, sacked up and did it. I took the risk and did it, I built strength from doing something I was afraid of and didn't think I could do.

Thanks everyone at today's nooner for not letting me puss out in front of my kids.

I love my big girls (my quads) and its moments like that, that I couldn't be more proud of my body.

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